Teaching / Research Interests

Dr. Bohr is a clinical psychologist specializing in atypical development, and child and family treatment. Her area of expertise is Child and Family Mental Health in a Multi-Cultural context.


Child and Family Mental Health in a Multi-Cultural context includes:

  • Cognitive: Behavioural interventions for children and families; Parental Attributions in families at risk; and Group CBT programs for children with anxiety disorders
  • Infant Mental Health: Attachment disorganization and cognitive correlates
  • Cognitive factors in the social development of children with special needs: physical disabilities and giftedness
  • Development of child & family treatment programs
  • Evidence-based practices and Knowledge Transfer in community mental health
  • Educational and mental health consultation


For more information about Dr. Bohr's current research initiatives, please click here: https://bohr.lab.yorku.ca/projects/