Letters of Reference

About Reference Letters

It is in your best interest to choose as a referee a professor who knows you and is familiar with your work, since you will want to be able to produce a very complimentary, and comprehensive letter in a competitive environment.

I am happy to write letters of reference for deserving students who have done very well in my classes.This usually means students with an grade of A or better in the course, and students whom I have gotten to know well during the course of the term. Best if you have worked in my lab, taken more than one class with me, or participated actively in class, had discussions or meetings with me.

Please keep in mind that requests for reference letters all come in at certain times of the year, when it is not unusual for me to have to prepare 30 to 40 at a time. I can only set aside a fixed amount of time for this activity, so, to maximize the chances that I will be able to honour your request, please ensure the following:

  • Make your request at least 3 weeks in advance
  • Do not ask for more than 5 letters
  • Provide me with clear instructions and a check-off list with a deadline date (one deadline only , the earliest - I will not prepare separate letters on different dates)
  • Clearly outline which letters go back to you, and which need to be mailed by me
  • Prepare all documents (i.e. print out the forms) and fill in all possible information save for the comments required of the referee
  • Attach a properly addressed and stamped envelope, or provide stamp & label for each letter

Be sure to send me a reminder e-mail 3-4 days before the deadline in the unlikely event that you have not heard from me

Given the sheer number of requests I receive, I unfortunately cannot make any exceptions to the above.