Cassandra Stevenson

Cassandra Stevenson graduated from York University in 2020 with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Under the supervision of Dr. Bohr, her Specialized Honours thesis investigated the relationship between observed quality of maternal care in infancy and those infants’ mental health and perceptions of their mother’s parenting at age 10. Cassandra hopes to pursue graduate studies in Clinical-Developmental Psychology, with a primary interest in violence prevention starting in childhood, as well as caretaking mechanisms that can intercept child maltreatment and encourage prosocial behaviour throughout the course of the child's life. She is also actively involved in the I-SPARX project and is passionate about using community-based research approaches to promote health equity and social justice. Cassandra's studies to date have been graciously funded by The LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research and the Lillian Meighen Wright Foundation.